Toddler Nurse Costume


This Toddler Nurse Costume will have your little girl ready play medic! It’s a look that cures any heart of the blues.

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It’s hard to imagine what our kids are going to be when they grow up. When they’re spilling the milk or demanding mac and cheese and mac and cheese only, how are you supposed to picture them clocking in at a 9′ to 5′ or sitting through a meeting in a conference room? Right now the future is an open book for your little girl, but there are ways to guess what kind of profession she might lean toward. Is your little girl always checking her teddy bear’s blood pressure? Is her bunny always seeming to come down with something serious? Nurture that caring nature by getting her an official nurse costume. So much cuter than scrubs, this classic uniform will get her imagination rolling. You might be put on bed rest after she puts it on, but what the head nurse says, goes. As she works overtime in the hospital that used to be your living room you’ll be proud that she’s learning to run a tight ship. Whether she’s going as a nurse for Halloween or just playing dress up, this costume is sure to become one of your little caretaker’s favorites. Just be sure to order her a stethoscope so she’s fully prepared to take good care of her patients. Little Teddy will be healthier than ever. Your dog, Spot will learn to put up with having his heartbeat checked. And Mr. Floppy, the bunny? Well, your girl is sure to finally figured out what’s wrong, he is seriously carrot deficient.

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