Gold Zoot Suit Costume Chain


Take a step into the 40s with this Gold Zoot Suit Chain. It’s the perfect companion to many of the suits we have in stock. Stay classy without breaking the bank!

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We know how it goes. You’re out on the town, dressed to the nines in your fanciest zoot suit with its reat pleat and drape shape, looking for a decent watering hole to hang out at, where the music is swingin’ and the conversations are swanky. We’re hip to the jive. (at least, we were the last time we checked…)You can bring all kinds of accessories to make an impression, from a stylish cane to a wide brimmed fedora with a feather stuck in it, or even some extra big shoulder pads to show everyone on the dance floor who’s boss. But the one thing you can’t leave home without is this classy Gold Zoot Suit Chain, daddy-o! It’ll make your fancy threads look glitzier than ever, and has clasps on both ends to attach to your trouser’s belt loops. No hepcat would get caught dead without one of these flashy numbers!

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