Black Gangster Adult Hat


This Black Gangster Hat has a great fedora style that will add the perfect final touch to your gangster costume! Could be worn out for a night on the town too!

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Fancy yourself as a gangster?So, you fancy yourself as a gangster, huh? We’re not buying it! Nope, we’ve taken measure of ya, and even though you’ve got a Tommy gun in one hand and a bag with a dollar sign on it the other, you ain’t got us quite convinced.What would change our minds? A top hat of course! You see, any gangster worth his mettle wouldn’t venture out on a crime spree without a hat on his head, since it was all the fashion of the gangster era. So, just get this Black Gangster Hat, and you’ll be all set for a crime spree.Product DetailsYou’d be remiss to pick out a complete gangster costume and not get a hat, so make sure you choose the right one when you pick up this Black Gangster Hat. It’s 100% polyester, and molded in the classic fedora style, complete with a ribbon band. The black felt looks great with a black pinstripe suit, but since it’s black, it looks great with every other color, too!When the party startsWhen the costumes come and the party starts, well, that’s where the fun begins. A classic retro gangster theme is always fun, as is pairing up your costume with your friends dressed up as gangster molls and flappers We’ve got a wide selection of throwback costumes, so be sure to check them all out to get all your friends involved in the fun!

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