Million Dollar Baby Women’s Flapper Costume


You will look like a million bucks in this Million Dollar Baby Women’s Flapper Costume. It features a flapper style dress with a red and black color scheme.

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FlapperspeakEver wish you had a reason to talk out of the side of your mouth like someone on the nineteen-twenties silver screen. They just had the art of suave lingo down perfectly. What you need is the motivation to learn flapper phrases from the top to the bottom. Here are a couple tips. Every noun has a couple different names. For instance, something as simple as legs can be called gams or pins or if you’re a bootlegger you might call your legs our personal favorite term which is getaway sticks. We’ve got to use this even if you’re not dressed as a silver screen star. Secondly, you’ve got to have one hand on your hip and suavely hold something else in your other hand. It could be a candy cigarette in a cigarette holder. It could be a martini glass. It could even be a noise maker. Just do it with elegance and you’d look right at home in the brassy, classy twenties scene. Costume DescriptionYou’ll look like a million bucks when you’re wearing this fabulous ensemble. This dress has a luxurious dropped waist that’s trimmed in twisting sequins. The skirt has two tiers of long fringe. The bodice is a showstopper with black sequins on soft red velvet. Polish your ensemble off with a pair of lovely black silky gloves and a fluffy feather boa and you’ll be ready for your jazz club debut. Not Taking Any Wooden NickelsWhen you’re looking like a million bucks, you can’t be taking any wooden nickels. You’ve got the fringe, you’ve got the sequins, so basically, a lady like you isn’t going to take any “phonus balonus”. You’ll be ready to step out if you’re invited to a hotsy-totsy twenties themed party. Or you could simply have a totally fabulous Halloween and pair up with a zoot suit wearing tough guy. Whatever you do, never forget that you’re a million bucks!

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