Gray Spats


These spats will really complete your classic gangster look! Grab a bunch of hooch and get ready for a showdown at the speakeasy!

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You ever really need to show off your wealth? Like we mean beyond buying an indoor, underground swimming pool inside a swimming pool with a built in hot tub and a personal butler for your dog wealth. You’re probably thinking to yourself “jeez the only way I could show off that kind of wealth is if I had a Rolls Royce that transformed into a helicopter that ran on burning money (only 100 dollar bills of course). Well we’re here to tell you that’s not entirely true. Introducing, the spats. Short for spatterdashes or spatter guards these beautiful things are literally socks for your shoes. Originally used to protect socks and ankles from mud or water, they were later used to show wealth and eccentricity a little over a hundred years ago, and what doesn’t symbolize modern wealth more than having really awesome old things whose purpose is completely obsolete now? That’s right, checkmate strange modern fashion clothing. We’re bringing out the big artillery; and by artillery, we mean old cannons that may or may not fire.

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