Country Music Star Wig


Made by us, this Country Music Star Wig is the perfect accessory to top off your costume! This wig will get you singing and dancing just like the stars in no time!

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Nobody’s foolYou’ve got talent. An iconic voice. Master songwriting skills. But that’s not always enough. If you’re looking for your place in the spotlight, there’s one thing you can do that will always get plenty of love… or at least a lot of lookin’. You can go big. That’s right. Don’t hold back. Long, shining acrylic nails, sparkling rhinestone dresses, false eyelashes, and most importantly big, big hair! Your hair, nails, and style might be larger than life but once you let loose with a song, there’s no doubt that you’re the real deal!Costume DetailsFor some costumes, there’s no need to hold back on the hair. You don’t need to pull out the hair curlers and Aquanet quite yet! This platinum blonde wig comes with plenty of buoyant curls that’ll help set off your rhinestone ensemble and honey-soaked ballads. Made by Us, it bears the mark of our thoughtful in-house designers. An elastic cap lines the interior of the wig to make sure it stays put as you’re taking your place in the spotlight.Fandom FriendlyIf you’re ready to become a country singer idol, this wig is the best way to make it clear. Make sure to pair it with other bright and bold accessories. Because there’s no reason to hold anything back on the stage!

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