Girl’s Pink Astronaut Helmet


Your little girl will be ready to blast off to her next adventure into space when she wear this fun Girl’s Pink Astronaut Helmet! She’ll love wear this space helmet!

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Reach for the Stars You did it! You studied hard, aced your classes, learned how to drive a lunar rover and managed not to throw up in the G Machine during training. You are now an astronaut and you have been selected for NASA’s next mission! To celebrate, why not choose the perfect helmet? You’re unique and awesome, so pick one that reflects your fun personality! Product Details Light up the atmosphere when you wear this Pink Girl’s Astronaut Helmet! The molded plastic headgear covers your entire head and features a cool pink-tinted visor that can swivel up and down just like a real astronaut’s. Printed graphics on the outside include a breathing tube (real one not necessary thanks to the moveable visor and air vents), a United States flag, a microphone and a NASA logo. Infinite PossibilityWhere would you like to travel in space? Do you want to step on board the Space Station or be the first human to explore Mars? The choice is yours! 

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