8-Ball Fortnite Mask


Channel your favorite video game character with this epic Fortnite 8-Ball Mask. Your costume would not be complete without this mask. You’ll look just like the infamous video game character, 8-Ball.

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Fortnight of FunBeing a pool ball has not been an easy life, but you have borne the pain with aplomb. The neck soreness from lugging around your enormous, round, heavy billiards ball of a head was intense during your growth spurts, but now you bear the weight easily. Moving across the broken ground all around you with your ninja-like skills, you spot a guy dressed like a dinosaur. Time to strike.Moving with impressive grace for a guy with a weighted ball for a head, you suddenly rush from your cover. But, no! They have spotted you due to the sheer size of your brain cage. Still, you bless the enormity of your skull as you bull rush toward the sudden hail of bullets, each one striking the hard, metallic crown of your head and shattering. Unshaken by their pitiful assault, you use the massive weight of your head to devastating advantage in the close-quarters fighting, crushing all who would oppose you! What once was your shame is now the thing that guarantees your victory.Cue BallIf you really did have a billiards ball for a head, you would have a lot of problems, but being bad at Fortnite would not be one of them! The rest of your team will be taking their cues from you when you wear this Fortnite 8-Ball Mask.

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