Child Inflatable Jet Pack Pick Me Up Costume


Add some fun to your kid’s costume this Halloween with this Child Inflatable Jet Pack Pick Me Up Costume that features a large inflated jet pack that is carrying the costume wearer.

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Jet Pack-ready?You just can’t do it. You can’t buy your child a real jet pack. Look, we know that your child asked you to get them a one, but can you really look at your child and tell yourself that they would use a jet pack responsibly? Yeah, you might want to hold off for a few years before you invest in a jet pack for your kid…Of course, that doesn’t mean you can start training them for the real deal now! Perhaps your child just needs a little more preparation to be ready for a real one. You just need this child inflatable jet pack costume to act as a proxy as they learn about jet pack safety. Then, once they’ve studied all of the rules to jet packs… who knows?Product DetailsThis child jet pack Pick Me Up costume is an inflatable costume that lets any kid look like a high-flier! It comes with a jumpsuit designed to look like a jet pack. The place for your child’s legs look like streams of flame coming out of the bottom of the pack. Blue legs dangle in front, which looks like your child’s legs. The costume self-inflates with an included motor that fits in a small pocket on the costume. It combines for a unique look that’s great for costume parties, trick or treating, or learning about jet packs.Sky High LaughsWhile we can’t recommend obtaining a real jet pack for your child to use, we can recommend this jet pack costume with complete confidence. Since it doesn’t actually grant the ability of flight, you won’t have to worry about your child taking off into the airways when they wear this costume. The only thing that will be flying sky-high is the laughter that will surely follow this wacky outfit!

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