Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster


Complete a fantastic, classic Ghostbusters costume this year on Halloween with this Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster. Perfect for fans of the iconic movie.

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Starting SmallEven amateur ghost hunters need a solid tool kit. But sometimes, it’s best to leave some of the heavier hitters in reserves. Especially if the greenhorn Ghostbuster is a child. Those proton packs are dangerous, after all. Spengler and Stantz even continually reminded their adult teammates (and themselves) to watch it. In the hands of a child, well we can only assume total protonic reversal is bound to happen.Luckily, your Ghostbuster prodigy is willing to learn how to hold their own with other tools first. Before gearing them up with the coveted proton pack, start with smaller hunting accessories like this Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster!Product DetailsThis costume prop is molded from lightweight colored plastics that make wielding it child’s play. Print details, including stripes and the Ghostbusters logo giving it an officially licensed stamp of approval! Extending from the tip of the blaster are two solid “proton streams” that spin when the device is powered on. Paired with their Ghostbusters costume and wild imagination, your child will be ready to catch any mischievous ghost or ghoul!Master BlasterHas your child mastered wielding proton streams? Upgrade their Ghostbusters Afterlife Proton Blaster Accessory by adding it to our other available Afterlife costume props! From a child-sized proton pack to ghost whistles, our selection will get them geared up with a proper ghost-busting arsenal!

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