Toddler Holiday Elf Costume


This exclusive Toddler Holiday Elf Costume is a festive choice for visiting Santa or attending any Christmas party! Your little baby will look absolutely adorable as a tiny little elf.

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We have an important message from Santa Claus that we need to relay to you. With the worldwide population boom, there’s just not going to be enough elves to get the toys done on time this year. Would you happen to know someone who might be willing to lend a hand? Santa would really appreciate it, and we think he’ll make it worth your while if you find him a new recruit!If you’re ready to sign your little one up for duty, then we have the look for you. This Holiday Elf costume for toddlers! This costume is designed and made by us, so that when you outfit your little one with this adorable style, she’ll be ready to get to work in Santa’s workshop! This polyester dress has sweet touches like peppermint painted buttons and puffy sleeves. The hat tops off the ensemble, and peppermint striped tights (sold separately) amp up the cute factor with sugary style. With all of the costume details that will make her look like an authentic Elf, she’ll be ready to work hard and have fun doing it!And don’t worry that your girl doesn’t quite have the refined motor skills necessary to assemble toys and games, with a little bit of Santa’s magic, we’re sure your tot will be churning out Christmas spirit along with all of the other elves in no time. Outfit your child with this costume to complete your family’s group theme, and even if you don’t drop them off at the North Pole over the holidays, they’ll still have a fantastic Christmastime look that works for any costume event. The can practice with the wooden mallet all summer and be ready for the next holiday season!

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