Ghostbusters Slimer Clear Windowed Mini-Tote Bag


This Ghostbusters Slimer Windowed Mini-Tote Bag will be the only Slimer you want around your Ghostbusters costume! It’s the perfect accessory to hold all your essentials while you’re out catching all those haunting ghosts.

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From Hotel to HandbagSlimer has come a long way. When we first met the green guy, he was loitering around in The Sedgewick Hotel in New York City. He was mooching free meals and terrorizing the hotel staff, so naturally, the Ghostbusters had to convince him to leave. He spent some time in their containment unit, mulling over his misdeeds… and now, he’s become a stylish Halloween bag to pair with your Ghostbusters cosplay outfit!Design & DetailsThis Ghostbusters Simer Windowed Halloween bag is a Made By Us design that captures the mischievous nature of the ghost from the movie. It’s officially licensed and constructed out of bright green PVC faux leather. The top of the bag opens with a zipper and the interior compartment has plenty of room for your daily necessities. The bag itself is rectangular, with an appplique shaped like Slimer’s body on the front. It has arms extending to the sides and a tongue hanging below. The front of the bag has a clear window, so it looks like Slimer is trying to eat all of your items inside! Finally, the shoulder strap is length-adjustable, so you can get a comfortable fit. Put it all together and you have a bag that’s perfect for anyone looking to head on a ghostbusting mission!

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