Adult Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume


This exclusive Dragon Ball Z Trunks Costume for men is officially licensed from the popular Manga series.

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A Future WarriorWhen the future has a rampaging Perfect Cell on the loose, what do you do? You grab your sword, then you hop in a time machine and you head back in time to stop him from absorbing the other androids, that’s what you do! Or at least, that’s what Trunks did. It helps that his mom is a genius-level inventor who had the skills to create a time machine and it also helps that he’s a half-Saiyan, half-human hybrid with combat skills that could take down Frieza in a matter of seconds, but you can still harness the power of his awesome style with this licensed Dragon Ball Z costume.Design & DetailsNow, you don’t even have to be the son of Vegeta to become the one and only Future Trunks. Based on his appearance from Akira Toriyama’s anime, Dragon Ball Z, this Adult Trunks Costume comes with the complete ensemble worn by Trunks in the series. The blue jacket has exaggerated lapels, along with front pockets and a Capsule Corp. patch on the sleeve. The black tank top fits underneath to provide a style that matches the anime and manga series. The pants fit with elastic and have bunching along each pant leg to create a baggy look. The foam boot covers look like the footwear worn by Future Trunks and fit over any pair of your own shoes. Of course, no transformation into the son of Bulma is complete without having some brightly colored (and totally not dyed) hair. The costume set includes a purple wig that comes shaped in his classic style. Once you have the look down, all you need to do is find someone to transform into a Super Saiyan. (We’re still trying to figure out how to do that one.)

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