Ghastly Gargoyle Boys Costume


This costume looks just like a Gothic gargoyle has come down from the rooftops to rock the night away with us humans.

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It’s a lonely life at the top of the cathedral. There are few companies to choose from. There’s the pigeons, the bats, and back in the day there was a friendly hunchbacked guy who rung the church bells. When you’re a five-hundred-year-old stone monster, companions come and go. The pigeons always know what’s going on it the city but leave behind annoying messes. The bats are swift and silent, they aren’t very good conversationalists. It’s been years since good old Quasi ran off with his lady love and, even though he said he’s come visit, he hasn’t made in back in the hundreds of years since he left. It’s time this gargoyle left the lonely life among the cathedral spires behind. Since they carved this creature from stone it’s been guarding the church against bad luck, sitting out in all sorts of weather, watching the world go by. Now, people hardly even look up at him anymore, who would notice if he snuck down for a night of fun? Now’s his chance. On the night of Halloween, he can explore the streets of the city, trick-or-treat with the rest of the goblins and ghouls. Your child’s Halloween will seriously rock when they dress up as this ghastly gargoyle this year. The fabric of the costume makes it look like a stone grotesque has come to life. The wings and mask perfectly represent the statues carved into the stonework of Gothic architecture to scare away evil spirits. In this costume, one thing’s certain, your child won’t take being human for granite anymore.

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