Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Women’s Costume


Whether you love the book or the TV show, you’ll love the Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Women’s Costume. With your deep scarlet dress you’ll channel your inner handmaid…you decide if she’s good or bad.

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What You Cannot SeeThe life of a Handmaid is not what it seems. Aft the Gilead took control, life took a pretty big turn for the worse. They demand that Handmaids be subservient drones in their ideal vision of a tyrannical society. Some obey, but Handmaids like Offred will not comply. They play a rebel’s game, looking for ways to undermine the powers that be. They play a deadly political game, acquiring allies and plotting a rebellion. And the Gilead? They’re always one step behind.What kind of Handmaid will you be? Will you defy the patriarchy and carve a path to freedom? Well, now’s your chance when you dress up in this costume that comes from the epic series based on Margaret Atwood’s novels. This costume comes with everything you need to transform into the rebellious characters!Design & DetailsThis Handmaid’s Tale Deluxe Costume is officially licensed from the series and is inspired by the outfit worn by Handmaids. The costume starts with a modest crimson red dress that has a zipper in back. It also comes with a hooded cape of the same color. The cape has metal snaps at the front of the neck. The under and over bonnet combine to recreate the headwear seen in the show. Finally, the costume comes with a simple satchel to bring the whole look together.Secret SchemesThe unfortunate life of a Handmaid is no fantasy, but the dire situation has created some of the bravest, most resourceful young women the world has ever seen. If you’re ready to stand up against the patriarchy, then you’ll be the perfect double agent masquerading as an obedient Handmaid! Just make sure that they don’t catch you plotting a scheme against the powers that be when you wear this outfit.

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