DominAnt Insectoid Hat Eye Mask


The DominAnt Insectoid HatsEye Mask will make you become an insectoid. No really! This mask completely covers your face. No one will know who you are while wearing it.

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Got Us Buzzin’Bugs get a bad rap. No, hear us out! They don’t get enough credit for the good work they do for… well, everything. They live incredibly short lives, and in that time, they go through body-altering metamorphosis, have a family, pollinate plants, and terrify the jumpier members of the human population. It’s a shame that after all their hard work, they’re either unceremoniously swept out of the window-sill (where they’ve chosen to rest in peace) or squashed with a rolled-up newspaper. We would never want that for ourselves! We should be spreading the good word about all manner of bugs, not just shouting about the pesky disease-carrying ones or how they have been zooming around the office for 5 days.Product DetailsJoin us in our attempt to give flies a better reputation with this DominAnt Insectoid HatsEye Mask. The wet-looking polyester hat will sit comfortably on your head when you buzz about why flies deserve better. The shiny, fiber-filled bug eyes and felt lashes will bring the true beauty of flies and their bretheren into sharper focus and will undoubtedly help others see what you’re saying about the humble, underappreciated insect. We’re excited to see how the status of bugs change as you share their beauty and accomplishments with the world! 

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