Girl’s Royal Goddess Costume


Have your kiddo looking like their favorite mythological goddess when you get them this Girls Royal Goddess Costume. A perfect costume choice that is exclusively made by us!

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If your daughter was a Goddess, what realm would she rule over? The options are basically endless. There were Goddesses of the hunt, of the harvest, there was even one who was really into weaving. Enough Goddesses to make mythology super confusing but not enough to make it hard to find a niche for your girl. So, if your daughter is heading up to Mount Olympus with her resume what would her specialty be? The arts and craft section is full. we wouldn’t compete with that weaving goddess. She can be pretty aggressive. She even turned a mortal into a spider! Your little one could be the Goddess of in line skating or maybe she could be the one reasonable God on Olympus and become the patron of conflict resolution, now that’s a Goddess they could have used thousands of years back! This mountain is basically the original dramatic reality television. We’re sure she’ll be great, no matter what her divine specialty is. Just as long as she stays out of Zeus’s wife, Hera’s way. Now that’s a woman who can start some drama! Your little one will look right at home on the mountain top in this stunning ensemble. The gold dress shimmers in a celestial way with a sparkly cape draped over top. The outfit is belted with golden chain and has a medallion on the shoulder. Top off the ensemble with the laurel leaf headband and she’ll be ready for her debut in the great hall of the Gods. Now, whatever she makes happen up there is up to her!

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