Fox MASKot Head


This Fox MASKot Head is what you’ll need to make a statement. Unlike other fox heads, this one is HUGE and has two eyes that look like they’re about to cry. It’s kinda cute, though!

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What Does the Fox Say?Have you ever looked at a costumed mascot at a sports event and wondered what it would be like to be one? It’s an art form, playing a character that speaks only with body language, especially while in a bulky suit. Limited vision can also be disorienting, if you’re not used to it. At least some of them have their own AC units to keep the actors cool on hot days! This Fox MASKot Head doesn’t have air conditioning, but it is much easier to wear! Product DetailOversized like a mascot head, but as light as a costume mask, this fox head is perfect for creating a larger than life look that is easy to wear! A foam padded exterior keeps it wide, while an inner hood makes it easier to keep the mask in position. If you want the top of the head to stay puffy, we recommend stuffing it with something light to help it keep its shape. While you can see out of the mesh eyes, we recommend keeping to brightly lit places. Like a mascot head, you’ll have limited vision! Keep it simple or add a furry tail to complete the look.

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