Disney Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Wig Accessory


Be a doll and dress up as Sally from Nightmare Before Christmas in the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Wig Accessory! Save Christmas in the Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Wig Accessory!

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Something About SallyBecoming everyone’s favorite animated doll is a classic costume that always holds appeal. After all, what is Halloween without a viewing (or 10) of The Nightmare Before Christmas? And while you have spent Halloween nights as Jack, Oogie Boogie, and even Zero, your favorite character look to pull off is definitely Sally.It’s not unusual for shy, sweet Sally to feel that something is missing. Mostly, that thing is Jack Skellington. But if you’ve forgotten your Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Wig back in Christmas Town, then the answer may be fairly obvious (and easy to remedy). Just slip this replica Sally wig onto your head and go about your holiday, reveling in the season’s many joys. After all, for you residents of Halloween Town, this is the most wonderful time of the year. Design & DetailsTrust us, growing hair that is the perfect length, shade, and thickness as Sally’s is no easy feat, not to mention maintaining it year-round in time for Halloween. That’s why this deep red, straight style is a must for any Sally enthusiast’s arsenal. It makes your costume complete in a flash, so you can focus on other things…like getting that Pumpkin King to notice you!

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