Women’s Skeleton Beauty Costume


Don’t let your skeleton costume only be scary this season, let it be scary beautiful with this exclusive Women’s Skeleton Beauty Costume. It is the perfect combination of beauty and scare to catch the eye of just about anyone.

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The Joy of Being DeadShe’s fun. She’s charming. She’s totally dead! We don’t think that’s going to stop her from making a grand entrance at the Halloween ball, and truth be told, we don’t think it should stop you either! That’s why you can become a figure of lore when you go in this women’s Skeleton Beauty costume. As the reigning mistress of the macabre, you’ll be able to make that grand gala entrance that you’ve always wanted, and you’ll be able to show off that animated skeletons can look pretty hot too!When you’re queen of the Halloween ball, all you’ll have to do is start assembling your legions of undead to reclaim the world for ghouls and goblins. So having the right look is going to be essential! This exclusive Skeleton beauty costume is made and designed right here at HalloweenCostumes.com, so you can rest assured that our skele-expert costume designers added all the right touches to this ensemble.Product DetailsThis elegant dress is surely the best way to show off all of your favorite bones. A alluring combination mesh and solid top sits above a gorgeous glitter bone tulle skirt. 3D plush bones come pre-treated with a dash of glitz and are cleverly attached to the dress top to let any lady become a skeleton queen. Whatever kind of event you’re planning on attending in this look, we’re sure that you’ll have legions of undead ready to do your bidding when the living go back home at the end of the night!

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