Perky Goat Tail


Become one with your favorite goat meme! You need this Perky Goat Tail to make you feel complete! Feel free to traverse the rocky landscape with ease.

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The Tale of a TailWe’re jealous of goats. Why? Well, have you seen those adorable little critters? We want to frolic like a happy goat in a grassy meadow! We want to make derpy faces as others revel in our unmatched cuteness their adorable little tuft of a tail! But, most importantly, have you seen their funny little tuft of a tail? Oh, the way it wiggles and waggles to their mood. The way it seems to perk up and stand on end. Why couldn’t we humans be blessed with a glorious tail like them? We’d just about anything to have a tail like that…Product DetailsWell, the great news is that it’s rather easy to have a tail like a goat! This Perky Goat Tail is a cute costume accessory that will have you looking more like one of those cute little critters in no time. The fluffy little tail has a layer of faux fur material and it perks up, just like a real goat tail. You can use it to craft your own goat costume or perhaps even turn into a Satyr for your next costume party! Best of all, you’ll be able to shake off the no-tail blues!

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