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Become Fredzilla from Big Hero 6 with the Fredzilla Hat. Battle the mysterious Yokai and his stolen microbots with giant leaps, sign spinning skills, and your signature flamethrower as you race to help Hiro and the rest of Big Hero 6.

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Headfirst Into ActionRising from the depths of a beanbag chair, and cursed with an incredible craving for crackers and a messy stack of good comic books to read or action figures to sort, it’s the mighty Fredzilla! The three-eyed, fire-breathing suit of a certain Frederick Flamarion Frederickson IV (or as his friends call him, Fred) gives him the ability to defend the city of San Fransokyo as a member of Big Hero 6, and to become part of the legion of superheroes he frequently obsesses over. Now you too can experience the thrill of being the very enthusiastic Fred with the Fredzilla Hat!Fun DetailsThis officially licensed hat is made of 100% polyester fabric, and 100% polyurethane foam; perfect for a comfortable feel on your head to the party or superhero battle of your choice. Foam and fiberfill stuffing fills in the broadcloth lining and velour outer shell of the hat, keeping its horned, monstrous shape. As a further bonus, the lining has a size adjustment band, so your Fredzilla accessory is snug and secure on your head as you dramatically turn it towards your friends and say, “we’re gonna be superheroes!” 

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