Romy and Micheles High School Reunion Womens Romy Costume


Find your Michele and recreate this iconic duo with the Women’s Romy Costume. This Women’s Romy Costume will have you ready to dance the night away in 90s style.

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Reinvent Yourself Just about everyone dreads returning to their high school acquaintances for their reunion. Perhaps you’ve put on that Freshmen Fifteen and never really lost it. Maybe that full head of hair that got you all the second looks in your prime now requires a dose of Blonde #17 every now and then. And, worst of all, it’s possible that Little Miss What’s-Her-Name may have gotten her big break and now she’s going to be even more popular (and impossible to stand) than before! It’s just too much stress. Of course, nobody remembers the names of those High School Big Wigs from a certain movie that shines the light on the struggle of the reunion. No! We only remember Romy and Michelle, the delightful pair who said there was no reason they had to be what everyone else said they were! Sure, maybe pretending to invent Post-Its was going a bit too far but they certainly showed everyone that being who you are is way more fun. Product DetailsIf you’d like to join in on the celebration of true success, go the way of Romy with this officially licensed costume from Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion. This knock-out look features a stretchy dress with a metallic blue finish that reinvents the shiny look Romy sported in the final scenes of the film! The silver choker matches the fun graphic and trim of the dress, ensuring that you’re going to be the star of the show! Team Up With a PartnerWhile we know that you’ll be spectacular all on your own, it never hurts to have some backup when facing those reunion woes. Fortunately, you can make the perfect duo’s look when you join with Michele as well! All you’ll be needing is some spectacular tunes to show off your moves! 

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