Mira Royal Detective Toddler Mira Costume


Help your favorite little girl become the best detective with this Mira Royal Detective Toddler Mira Costume! This costume features a blue and gold knee-length tunic with pink pants just like Mira wears in the television show!

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A Royal DetectiveIs your little girl amazingly good at solving mysteries? Maybe you’re scratching your head, wondering how your freshly baked pie could have just disappeared, and she’s already following the trail of sticky paw prints to find your family dog, caught red-handed (…er, red-pawed) with the goods! Maybe there’s no use at all hiding birthday presents before the big day, since she can pick up a package, shake it once, and declare, “It’s a set of pink socks!” You don’t know how she does it, but somehow she does!We’re not surprised if your little mystery solver is a big fan of Mira! After all, Mira is the official royal detective for the whole kingdom of Jalpur… That is a pretty big responsibility and honor! It’s always amazing to see how Mira, Priya, and of course Mikku and Chikku figure out what’s going on and get to the bottom of the latest unsolved secret.Product DetailsNow, your little girl can dress up just like Mira when she’s solving her next big case with this Mira Royal Detective Toddler Mira Costume. The luxurious blue matte satin jacket features beautiful gold swirls on the front and back and gold metallic trim on the cuffs. The jacket also has a printed yellow undershirt with intricate pink and gold swirls peeking out at the neckline and hemline. Meanwhile, the pretty pink pants have gold metallic trim at the ankles. Both pieces are made from 100 percent polyester fabric. The costume also comes with a golden magnifying glass necklace with a Mira cameo in front hanging from a gold cord. After all, you can’t find clues if you don’t have a good magnifying glass!Another Mystery Solved!When it comes to the best costume for your little girl’s next themed party, that’s one mystery that won’t take long to solve… Just dress her up like Mira and she’s bound to have a fantastic time!

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