Disney Finding Nemo Darla Costume Kit


Wake up fishey fishey! This Finding Nemo Darla Costume Kit is great for Halloween. It’s a quick and easy idea for a costume that everyone will love this year.

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The Real ChallengeMarlin and Nemo have been through a lot. Marlin had to face a trio of sharks, a bloodthirsty anglerfish, a hungry whale, and greedy seagulls. For his part, Nemo nearly got decapitated by a filter fan. Just when they both thought that the worst was over, they faced the same threat: A red-headed, pigtailed eight-year-old with serious brace face and a bad habit of killing her pets. Who knew that the biggest danger wasn’t a Great White after all?Product DetailsIt might not be Pennywise or the Candyman, but to fish, your exclusive, officially licensed Darla Finding Nemo Costume Kit is the scariest Halloween costume ever! Get Darla’s signature look with two purple hair scrunchies to pull your own locks back in her familiar pigtails, and a matching purple plastic headband that has fake orthodontic wire attached. Stick the “Rock n Roll Girl” decal onto your favorite purple shirt to match Darla’s outfit, and finish it off with a plastic purse that looks like an aquarium with Nemo inside!WAKE UP, FISHY!Bring one of Pixar’s greatest movies to life with your fun and funny costume! But please, we beg you – don’t shake the bag!

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