Dark Fairy Wings


We must not have made these Dark Fairy Wings dark enough if you can still see them. I guess it might be helpful to see them so you know how to put them on.

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Darkly BeautifulEveryone’s heard of the cute little fairies who sleep in the centers of pearly daisies, spread their pixie dust through meadows and woodlands, and often help the lost. Not as many people know about their midnight counterparts, who have a sly side and are more likely to trick than befriend any humans they find wandering in their territory! Product DetailsEmbrace a moonlit, mischievous magic by wearing these Dark Fairy Wings for Adults! A double set of black and white mesh wings printed with delicate patterns are attached to a comfortable set of shoulder straps. Sequins, silvery glitter, and a dark faux jewel make them fit for a pixie princess to wear! Bespelled and BewitchedAdd these wings to your fairy ensemble to complete a hauntingly gorgeous costume! Anyone who sees you out and about will wonder whether they’ve stumbled into a magical twilight realm. 

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