Dr. Seuss Horton Adult Costume


Have all sorts of Horton fun when you dress up in this exclusive Dr. Seuss Horton Adult Costume. This is a must have costume choice for any super fan of Dr. Seuss!

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An Honorary WhoDid you ever wonder what happened to Horton after he worked so hard to keep the tiny folks of Who-ville safe from harm? Sure, we all know the story. A friendly elephant stumbles upon a spec of dust that is playing host to a village of Whos. An epic adventure across the jungle in an effort to keep them safe and prove to the rest of the animals that they are even real. (A pretty problematic bout of being tied up, too!) But once the Whos are safe and the jungle is calling out their hoorays to Horton… what’s next!? Well, we like to imagine that a tiny Horton statue is put up in the middle of town for their epic protector and brand new member of the village! Design & Details Maybe it would be even better for you to tell the next tale of Horton and Who-ville. You can do exactly that with our officially licensed Dr. Seuss Horton costume for adults! Start off by jumping into this gray-blue jumpsuit and wiggle your elephant way thanks to the sewn-on tail (complete with a tuft of fuzz). The Horton headpiece gives you the big ears and eyes of your favorite Dr. Seuss character as well as a stuffed trunk that is holding the pink flower of Who-ville! (We haven’t included any Whos, but there’s no saying you won’t find a Who-ville of your own looking for some fuzz on which to settle!)

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