Adult Island Dreads Wig


Embrace peace and togetherness when you slip on this Island Dreads Wig for adults. Turn on your favorite reggae music and embrace a laid back vibe.

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The Dreaded Commitment We’ve thought about it before. But it takes a lot of time, effort, and commitment to get them looking just right. Of course, we’re talking about dreadlocks! It might be the coolest hairstyle ever invented… but we’ve come to the grips with the reality that we’ll never be able to cultivate our hair into that iconic look. The good news is that this Island Dreads Wig helps anyone get that stylish look without doing anything to your hair.Product DetailsThis wig is made out of synthetic fibers and is styled to look like a tropical dreadlock hairstyle. It fits with an elastic mesh cap, so one-size-fits-most. To ensure that these dreads keep their shape, we recommend that you do not use any hair styling tools on them. You can pair it with your favorite tye-dye shirt to look like a hippie, or wear it to the next ska concert to look like a true reggae fan.The Dreadlock FeelingIf you’re bald or you just have hair that isn’t suitable for dreadlocks, then this easy to use wig is a great way to experience the feeling of having dreadlocks! Just toss the wig on your head and you’ll be ready to go!

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