Adult Deluxe Mad Scientist Costume


You’ll have an excuse to go a little crazy when you wear this adult deluxe mad scientist costume. Take over the world from your factory in the sky with the Adult Deluxe Mad Scientist Costume!

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Greetings and salutations, friend! Does the world just not understand you? Did they call your idea for creating a doomsday device “crazy” or “weird?” Do people just give you looks of puzzlement when you elaborate on your plans for complete and total world domination? Do people gawk and stare at you whenever you the feel urge to express your satisfaction with your latest maniacal scheme by letting out a maniacal laugh? Well, no worries, because we understand you and we’ve finally created an outfit that will help match your brilliant mind.This Adult Mad Scientist Costume brings you the kind of outfit that will help you feel right at home in your lab! The white lab coat that just screams “I do experiments in my creepy basement,” and it even comes with a pocket in front for storing some of your small lab instruments. Of course, you’re going to need a set of gloves for when you’re operating your latest doomsday device, which this costume whole-heartedly provides! And for mad scientists who need too keep a “normal” appearance during the day, the costume comes with a wig and goggles. During the day, you can have a normal hairstyle and leave the goggles at home, but when you head home and transform into a laboratory maniac you can slip them on for maximum effect!So, what are you waiting for? Just slip into this costume and start building your own Frankenstein’s monster, or start scheming for world domination! With this mad scientist outfit, you can do anything your daft mind can come up with!

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