Modern Black Witch Costume Hat


Get the perfect hat to complete your evil witch costume! This Modern Black Witch Costume Hat adds a sleek easy to wear look to the everyday witch!

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Out with the Old…It seems silly to believe that after all this time a witch’s wardrobe hasn’t changed at all. Sure full skirts and flowy sleeves are fun and come in and out of trend on occasion, but you want to wear something streamlined and a bit less conspicuous. That’s easy enough to take care of, any local shop is sure to stock a few bold options in black that you can create your look with. However, you’ll also want to update your witchy accessories. Big shining jewels may still be fashion-forward, but long pointed-hats just aren’t stylish anymore!Product DetailsOnce you’ve gotten your contemporary witch’s ensemble selected, make sure you’re ready to bring it all together with this Modern Black Witch’s hat! The much smaller shape and sleek styling of this accessory will step witch-clothing into the current millennium without much fuss. Featuring an a-symmetrical brim and pointed-bowler body, this unique hat is perfect for making a statement without sacrificing your sense of fashion!…In with the NewIt’s time to update a classic. It wasn’t broken, but it was definitely tired. So, whether you’re getting ready to masquerade as a witch this Halloween or you really want to impress your coven, think simple modern design and opt into this easy to wear witch’s hat!

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