Deluxe Kids Catwoman Costume


Be crazy cool in this Catwoman Deluxe Child Costume and root for neither heroes or villains, only yourself.

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Friend or Foe?Catwoman is truly unpredictable. Sometimes she gives a helping hand to the heroes while apprehending some dangerous supervillains. Other times, well, she slips away with a bag full of precious loot. Even Batman never sees her next move coming, and that guy is the greatest detective that the world has ever seen! Even his supercomputer can’t predict Selina Kyle’s schemes! It makes Catwoman a complete enigma (even more so than Edward Nygma), but it also makes her one of the best characters to ever come from the pages of DC comics!If your girl is a bit mysterious herself, then perhaps it’s time she prowled the streets as one of Gotham City’s greatest hero… um villain… or hero… er, well whatever suits her in the moment! This Catwoman Deluxe Child Costume will give your girl the outfit she needs to step into the role!Product DetailsIf your girl is ready to become Catwoman, then look no further! This Catwoman costume gives her everything she needs to become a hero… or a villain. The costume starts with a purple jumpsuit with a fastener in back for fitting. The back of the jumpsuit also has a stuffed tail attached to the waist. The foam belt is designed to look like a sash and fits with a fastener in the back. Finally, the costume comes with a hood and mask combination to help your child maintain her secret identity! After all, she wouldn’t want Batman to discover who she is! Put it all together and you have an amazing look inspired by the famous DC character.The Big ChoiceThis Catwoman costume will have your child ready to sneak through the neighborhood! Whether she decides to team up with Batman to stop supervillains or she decides to become a supervillain herself is completely up to her!

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