Deluxe Blue Crown


Next time you play checkers and yell King me! Pull out the Deluxe Blue Crown and prove your royalty to the peasants around you! You may kiss the ring!

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A Fair KingAre you tired of being treated like a peasant? It happens to us all of the time. You head to the Renaissance Fair and some big burly knight tries to treat you like you’re chopped liver! Well, we found out a way to get respect. You need to become the king.We know what you might be thinking—you need to have a royal heritage to become king, right? Wrong! You just need a crown on your noggin and then everyone at the Renaissance Festival will treat you like the big cheese!Product DetailsThis simple Deluxe Blue Crown turns anyone into a king! The crown is one-size fits most and comes with the royal blue color that only a high-ranking regent can wear. The bottom has a repeating fleur-de-lis pattern around the bottom edge of the hat. It also has gold detailing and a cross emblem on top. It all works together to great a look that will have you looking like a prince, rather than a pauper.Time to RuleJust stroll through the gates of the next Ren Fest wearing this crown and you won’t have to suffer disrespect from lords and knights of the land! They’ll know that you’re the true king!

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