Bigfoot Noise Accessory


As if dressing up as Bigfoot was good enough! Take your Bigfoot creature costume to the next level with this Bigfoot Noise Accessory!

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Big Ol’ Shoes to FillTen years ago, there was a famous sighting of Bigfoot in your small hometown. Quirky Miss Eleanor from down the street got what she said was a snapshot of the beast. It could have been a picture of the infamous hirsute creature but it could have also been a brown bear trundling through the brush. But really, who’s going to argue with sweet Miss Eleanor when she shows you a blurry Polaroid photo if what she claims is a local legend? Anyway, it’s been ten years since Bigfoot was in your hood. Eleanor seems a little disheartened these days. Her legend hasn’t been back for a visit in a really long time. Make her dreams of backyard legends come true with this handheld Bigfoot simulator!Product DetailsThis noisemaker is ready to be used as soon as it comes out of the package. It’s just under four inches, making it convenient to hold whether you’re hiding in the bushes or rocky a hairy Bigfoot costume. This little noisemaker can sound a howl, snort, roar, or groan to transform your costume into a character. Want to create a Bigfoot look? From Bigfoot accessories to full-on Bigfoot costumes, Bigfoot sightings can become a wild new attraction in your neighborhood!

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