Elizabethan Queen Costume for Women


You’ll look very at home on the throne or at a party in this Women’s Elizabethan Queen Costume. Either way, be sure to remind everyone that you’re in charge.

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Make Halloween GreatIf you are planning to have the greatest Halloween of all time, there is only one way to do that. Historians say that the greatest era in all of Great Britain’s history was when it was more commonly known as Britannia, during the Elizabethan era. So we think if you want the greatest Halloween ever, you should dress in the same fashion as the greatest ruler of Britannia. Our Elizabethan Queen costume can help with that.Royalty At Its FinestYou’d think it takes a whole lot to become a queen, especially one from the golden age of Great Britain. However, it’s not. Sure, some royal blood running through your veins would help, but all you need is the right clothing.Start your regal transformation with this amazing dress. It is fashioned with puffy white sleeves that come to a snug fit at the wrists. There is also a lovely loose lace design at the end of the cuffs. The sleeves make it seem as if your hands are budding out of a beautiful white flower.At the chest, the dress has a low-cut but fear not, the corset protects your royal status. The corset is black and has a red brocade lining at the top as well as a gold brocade design in the front center that matches that of the dress’s skirt. The sophisticated cape you see pictured is attached to the corset. It is black on the outside and has a royal reddish/purple inner lining along with a golden trim. The regal white ruff is attached to the corset/cape as well.Such Style, Your GraceRule over the costume parties this Halloween with this astoundingly royal costume. Be sure to check out all the regal accessories we have available. If you’re going to rule, do it right, with a good sense of style and plenty of grace.

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