Pirate Caribbean Accessory Kit


Your pirate costume would not be complete without this Caribbean Pirate Accessory Kit. This accessory is the perfect item to make a statement this Halloween season.

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Pirate PerksThere are only a few ways a pirate can earn their sword. One is by commandeering a boat from an official port, and then sailing it successfully for at least 33 days. Another is by training a parrot to sit on their shoulder, but also to fly and lift keys, bags of gold, and jewels off of others. Yet another is by slaying a sea monster (but this is quite rare these days). Hmm. Those all sound pretty tough to pull off, especially since you only have the weekend off for Halloween. But shhh matey. We have a bit of a…workaround…for you. If you’re a very clever pirate, you can pick up this Caribbean Pirate Accessory Kit and get your sword that way! And we think that being a clever enough pirate to beat the system and find your own path to success is reason enough for you to earn your sword for good! Product DetailsThis set makes piracy a Caribbean breeze. It includes a hook, earring, eye patch, and sword (of course!). You can add it to your pirate costume for a foolproof look, or use it alongside your own creatively mixed clothes to create a scallywag appearance! Either way, you’ve earned your first “Arrrrggggh!” with this kit! 

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