Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cane


Celebrate Dia de Muertos in style this Halloween and November with this Day of the Dead Sugar Skull Cane! This stylish cane will perfectly complete your festive costume.

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Maybe dead but Never dullWho knew the subject of death could be so cheerful? Day of the Dead might be about celebrating those folks who have gone to the other side, but there’s nothing dead about the spirit of the celebration. Traditions are all about contrasting the dark with the bright and colorful. People make altars to their loved ones covered in bright marigolds and representations of monarchs, the yellow and orange is supposed to guide the dead to the altars and back to their resting place. There are festivals and parades, and most importantly to this particular product description… sugar skulls!Product DetailsFinish off any dashing Day of the Dead ensemble with this lovely sugar skull can. It’s three and a half inches tall, making it the perfect length to gesticulate with as you lead a parade. The skull is a hard white with colorful facial detailing making the elegant expression stand out. Rise and ShineIf you rose from your grave but once a year, we’re sure you’d be dressed to the nines! We love the idea of the walking dead strutting their stuff in the streets rather than causing havoc and bringing society to its knees. Top off any of our gorgeous Day of the Dead outfits with this cane and you can be sure you’ll celebrate the Day of the Dead to the fullest. 

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