Statue of Liberty Costume Kit


Light the way for freedom, justice and liberty when you get this Statue of Liberty Costume Accessory Kit! This will be perfect to wear for the Fourth of July!

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Outstanding in Her FieldThere aren’t many experts in the field of massive statuary, but they all agree that the Statue of Liberty is doing a wonderful job. She may not be standing in an actual field, but she is certainly outstanding in it nonetheless!From sea to shining sea, we can all look to her brilliant example of what it means to stand for something, since she never sits. And, finally, her fine luster of oxidized copper has all of us going green with envy!Product DetailsFinding the right accessories for your favorite costume is an important part of dressing up, but, luckily, we are here to serve with this Statue of Liberty Costume Kit. This “Made By Us” kit was put together by our team here and has all the little accessories that you need to complete your look. The iconic crown and torch are in the same characteristic green as the actual Statue of Liberty and are instantly recognizable. You will be all set to shine over all the people of the world when you have this costume kit!Statuesque LooksIf you are missing one item before you are ready to step out and show everyone your awesome costume, then you are in the right place. Just make sure you

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