Tiger Shoe Cover Accessory


Roam the dense jungle or just the living room in these Tiger Shoe Covers. The shoe covers will finish the wild animal look more than your lack of hygiene.

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Regular Human FeetLook at your feet for a second. We know, it sounds kind of weird. It’s okay, though. Just a quick glance. You don’t have to stare at them or anything, just take a quick look. Are they pretty standard human feet? Yeah, that’s pretty much what we figured. Most humans just aren’t born with a pair of glorious, furry paws on their feet. It’s something that we used to be really sad about… until we found these amazing Tiger Shoe Covers! They transform any boring, normal feet into the paws of a ferocious tiger!Product DetailsThese lovely Tiger Shoe covers are designed to fit over most pairs of shoes. That means you can wear them with your most comfortable pair of kicks while you rock some classic tiger stripes. The stuffed paws have a fleece outer shell with the printed orange and black pattern seen on most tigers. The toes are tipped with black felt claws, so your feet will look as ferocious as a jungle cat’s big paws! Just pair them up with any tiger costume for a complete look, or wear them to turn your plain old human feet into ferocious tiger paws!

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