Women’s West Girl Costume


They say the wild wild west is no place for a lady. Well prove them wrong in this Women’s West Girl Costume. Complete with sheer cowgirl elegance, to assert yourself in that cowboy world, and look good doing it!

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The Untamed WestThe Wild West is a rough place. It’s a land full of untamed lands. It’s a refuge for the uncouth characters and lawless renegades that just don’t fit in on the east coast. If you’re planning to make your way there, then you’re going to need a tough as nails kind of attitude… and a look that tells those shifty outlaw cowboys that you’re not the kind of girl they want to mess with.As always, if you have the attitude, then we have the outfit! You can carve your own place in the western world when you wear this Women’s West Girl Costume. It’s cowgirl themed outfit that can match your rugged attitude with flying colors.Product DetailsThis women’s costume brings you a fierce look, perfect for any cowgirl looking to tame the West. The costume comes with a dress that fits with a zipper in the back. The dress is designed to look like a white, sleeveless bodice and a faux denim-style skirt. The faux leather belt features a brass-tone buckle in the front and it even comes with a holster, just in case you want to pack one of our toy six-shooters (sold separately) with your outfit! Once you have this outfit on, you can show those dusty cowboys just who runs the Wild West.

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