Clown Nose Accessory – Black


Accessorize your creepy clown costume with this Black Clown Nose Accessory. This black nose fits easily over your nose and is the perfect item to help complete your look.

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Bright and IrritatingAre you a fan of clowns? Many people are not. Some think they’re creepy and unsettling, and we can understand that. However, another problem we have with some clowns is that they’re just TOO happy. Do you have a friend like this? No matter how bad things are, they’re always annoyingly cheerful. And when you’re in a bad mood, their happiness makes you feel worse. That’s how we feel about overly enthusiastic clowns. And one of the things most of them have in common is that silly red nose. So if you’re looking to dress up as a clown but you understand that sometimes we need to embrace the doom and gloom, we have a solution for you!Product DetailsThe puffy, round nose is one of a clown’s most recognizable features. When you want to avoid that cheerful red color but still want the traditional look, try this Black Clown Nose Accessory! It will reflect the darkness of your mood and complete any gloomy or evil clown outfit. The foam ball has a slit to fit right onto your regular nose, and we know you’ll have a great time wearing it! (Or a melancholy time, if that’s what you’re going for.)

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