Bejeweled Eyelashes


If you’re looking for a little bit of sparkle this Halloween, these Bejeweled Eyelashes would make an amazing costume accessory. They’re easy to apply and add just the right amount of detail to your makeup!

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It’s Eye Can, Not Eye Can’tSome people might look at a pair of false eyelashes and say, “Why would you want to put sparkly faux jewels on these?” But true geniuses and artists look at a pair of false eyelashes and ask “Why WOULDN’T you bedazzle these? That would be amazing!” Product DetailsGive your gorgeous eyes some extra glamour with this pair of Bejeweled Fake Eyelashes! The set includes two falsies embellished with that can be cut to your preferred length. Peel the backing off to reveal the adhesive coating and stick them on as desired. Eye Candy Your cheeks, lips, and eyelids get lots of attention when you’re dressing to impress – your eyelashes want some love too! Forget the basic falsies and go for the glitz with a cute pair that’s as easy to put on as it is to remove. Batting your eyelashes has never been so effective! 

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