Child Milk Costume


Milk does a body good, and during Halloween a Child Milk Costume can do equally well for a party or trick or treating! Wear it and encourage friends to drink up for strong teeth and bones!

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What kid doesn’t love milk a tall, cold glass of vitamin-rich milk? Everyone loves the beverage that does a body good, but few choose to becomemilk…except your kiddo! That’s because your child is special–pure, wholesome, refreshing.This unique costume is cute, charming, and nutritional! Plus, you can make sure your kid drinks all of their milk before they wear this Child Milk Costume to school for Halloween (not that you ever have to try very hard). They may want to make a fun group theme by getting a bunch of friends or siblings to wear other food costumes or a cow costume. Or they may want to enjoy being the best beverage all on their own. If your kid is into healthy eating and growing strong, they will adore being a walking milk carton and thus, the center of attention!This costume will make your kiddo almost edibly adorable, plus it’s as simple as opening a jar of milk! The tunic slips right on to craft a purely simple costume solution, and it even has the work “Milk” printed on the front (in case anyone somehow missed that connection). Enrich any Halloween with this fortified costume–and in case anyone in your child’s class is lactose intolerant, you can ensure them that this is one carton of milk they can enjoy being around!

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