Adult Corndog Costume


This Corndog Costume for adults is a funny costume that pays homage to your favorite junk food! Show off what you love to eat for a quick snack and enjoy the conversations that will come from you wearing this.

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Not Just Any DogThere’s something about a corndog that’s a step above any other sausage products! Unlike a hot dog or even a brat, the best version of this fried frank is available only at the best events of the summer. You wouldn’t simply get out the deep fat fryer and prepare some corndogs after work. No, eating a corndog means that you’re walking the grounds of your county fair, petting mini ponies and seeing if you have the skills to milk a goat. It’s available at events where the crowds are steady, the sun is hot, and the memories are plentiful. And that, friends, is why this original “food on a stick” is a favorite for so many people. No one eats a corn dog when they’re sad. A corndog is pictured beside “fun food” in the encyclopedia. So, if you’re looking to become a crowd favorite, there’s no need to wrap yourself in a moist cornmeal dough and jump into a fryer, simply get a hold of this costume!Product DetailsThis costume was designed by our in-house designers who also to be huge fans of fair food. It’s a simple favorite of our staff, much like the edible original. The tunic simply fits over your head and torso with the flexible stick extending from the bottom. With a squirt of mustard down the middle, you’ll surely make people smile and salivate at the same time!Coming back for SecondsHere’s the thing with classics, people want the same classic at the same time every season. And once they get a taste of your corn dog hilarity, people are going to expect you to rock this classic food look again and again. Lucky for you, this exclusive costume is durable enough to please the crowds time after time. Now all you have to do it fend off all those folks who showed up hungry!

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