Plus Size Candy Cane Costume


Bring some holiday sweetness and cheer to your Christmas party when you go in this Plus Size Candy Cane Costume! Exclusive to Available in 2X.

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Become a sweet Christmas treat when you throw on this Plus Size Candy Cane Costume! There are a few different origin stories as to where, when, and why this peppermint candy had first been created, although, thus far, none are verified by the history books. One popular tale of the Christmas treat’s initial creation goes on to state that the toothsome canes were first made by a German candy maker in the late 1600’s at the request of a choirmaster who wanted a way to keep the choir boys quiet during late-night Christmas church services. Then, in order to justify handing out candy at a church service, the choirmaster requested that they be shaped with a shepherd’s crook at the top as a reminder of the shepherds that came to visit the wee-baby, Jesus. Quite the charming story, right? Well, whether or not these treats were made to quiet down children, when you walk into your next costume party while wearing this sweet ensemble, silence will be a thing of the past. Everyone will love your traditional candy costume! For some, it will serve as a nostalgic reminder that Christmas is right around the corner and they’ll be brought back to the late-nights spent by a fireplace waiting for Ole Saint Nick. For others, you may pose as a sign of comfort when they recall their Sunday School days. Then there are a few who’s diets will be ruined once their sweet tooth begins to take control of them again after the sight of you. So be prepared for an explosion of various reactions when you enter the scene wearing this Candy Cane Costume. Maybe even prepare your own original origin story to add to the collection of folklore behind this classic Christmas treat.

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