Child Dark Wizard Costume


Get this Child Dark Wizard Costume and they can begin casting dark spells and doing magic across the kingdom. Add a staff for an even creepier look!

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Dark ArtSure, good wizards are having a bit of a moment. We hear a lot of words associated with wizardry, like “bravery,” “ambition,” “cunning,” and “loyalty,” but your kid isn’t interested in being good—at least not for Halloween! You see, long ago, wizards were feared for their incredible power, mysterious magic, and unpredictable nature. Wizardry was a dark art that could cause pain and wreak havoc, should the sorcerer desire. And your child wants to be that kind of wizard this Halloween season! Bravo! We applaud him. It can be hard to choose scary over sweet, but scary is what Halloween is all about. after all!This Child’s Dark Wizard Costume provides your kid with the perfect amount of menacing magic this holiday. It’s undoubtedly not good—just look at it! No, this is a wizard with a chip on his shoulder. This is a wizard with an ax to grind. This is a wizard who knows that Halloween is about fright, not delight!Product DetailsThe devious nature of this garment comes from its dark hue (and terrifying mask!). Bell sleeves add drama to any spell-casting sessions, while prominent blades over the shoulder add an armor-like appearance. The belt has a decorative buckle in a weathered metal finish, and the draped fabric in front looks luxe and powerful. Grab an ornate wizard staff for full effect, or just tell your child to master a really spooky, deep voice for incantations. We’re glad to see him making wizarding old school, again!Scare FestIt’s important to remember what Halloween is—a festival of fright! We love a cute costume, but at heart, we’re lovers of all things dark and mysterious. Thank your kiddo for reminding us of the true spirit of the season. This wizard look is bad in the best possible way! 

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