Plus Size Dark Red Riding Hood Costume


That big bad wolf will second guess messing with you when you wear this Plus Size Dark Red Riding Hood costume. Give the classic story book character a gothic twist this year! Available in sizes 1X, 2X and 3X.

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The dark woodsIt can be dangerous heading into the dark woods all by yourself. There may be any number of big, bad creatures in there just waiting for you to cross their path so they can spring into action and make you their next meal!As scary as they may be though, the dwellers of the woods need to be careful as well, because sometimes someone enters the woods who may not be all that they seem, and could have sinister intentions of their own. That innocent looking traveler in the red riding hood may even be luring those poor unassuming beasts into a trap, and when they let their guard down, the trap gets sprung and the hunters become the prey. Oh no!If you want people to know you are up to something without giving away all of your secrets, this Plus Size Dark Red Riding Hood costume strikes that balance between sweet and wicked. We think it will be a fantastic choice this Halloween!Product DetailsFor this edgy twist on the classic fairy tail character, the red and black color scheme of the ruffled, lacy dress and corset is perfectly tied together by the red hooded cloak. The floor-length red dress and cape make this costume unique and sassy! A pair of high boots or heels will complement this outfit well, as will a basket for carrying around all of your mysterious accouterments. Keep your eyes open for the Big Bad Wolf in this costume, because he will definitely be keeping an eye out for you!Classics and moreIn plus sizes, this Dark Red Riding Hood is a great choice for any lady who’s looking to put a new spin on an old classic. Of course, we have plenty of other classic themed costumes, as well as modern choices, too! Browse our entire selection to get up-to-date on all the coolest costume trends!

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