Light-Up Deer Antlers White LumenHorns


These Light-Up Deer Antlers White LumenHorns won’t only look cool, but they will also make you stand out in a crowd. You know… because of the lights?

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Have you always felt more comfortable surrounded by nature? Do you feel in your element while you’re out in the woods breathing in the fresh air? Are you on top of your game when the wind is beating down on you and you feel the grass in between your toes? If you would rather frolic and play in the grasslands while the sun beats down on you, we think it’s best that you go out there and find a deer family that’s willing to take you in. Yeah, we went there. Think about how great you’ll life would be if you could live like a deer in the woods, playing in the grass and dandelions while soaking up the sun.You may have to get use to your new furry family but we have just the right accessory to make the transition easier: this set of Light-Up Deer Antlers White LumenHorns will make it easier for you to fit right in! This cool accessory is perfect for animal lovers and those who enjoy being outdoors, even at night! To keep you and your new family safe after the sun goes down (the most fearsome predators come out at night, you know), these antlers feature LED lights, operated by a nifty on-off switch, that glow whenever you might need a little luminated guidance. What are you waiting for, young buck?! Now get out there with the herd of deer and prove yourself!

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