Child Busy Beaver Costume


When he’s ready to finally build that dam, our Child Busy Beaver Costume is gong to come in handy! It’s an exclusive you can only find here!

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It’s amazing how much energy kids have. Just watch them playing the next time you’re at the park. The way they run around from the slides to the swings to the jungle gym and back and after all that THEY’RE STILL NOT TIRED…it’s crazy. And after all that, they’re probably back at home playing with all their toys and fighting with brothers and sisters and asking their parents what’s for dinner and THEY’RE STILL NOT TIRED…sorry. We just wish we that much energy sometimes.There’s a phrase for kids like that. Busy beavers. Because beavers seem to have a similar amount of energy. Have you ever seen those guys work on a dam? They’re so fast and efficient, and they don’t stop until the job is done. So somewhere along the line, some genius made the comparison of hyper little kids with hyper little beavers, and the idiom stuck. Makes perfect sense to us. So to celebrate all that juvenile energy (that we’re TOTALLY not jealous of…) check out our Busy Beaver child costume.Chances are, your kids are gonna need a solid costume for Halloween. Well this one is 100% polyester and faux leather, so it’ll hold up to all their running around. Everything fits securely; the mitts have elastic wrist bands to hold them in place, and the shoe covers have elastic at the ankles and under food so you can hide their shoes underneath. The costume is also available in toddlers sizes, so all the little busy beavers can show off their boundless energy this Halloween!

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