Sexy Ninja Warrior Women’s Costume


Become a super sexy, sneaky ninja this halloween with this Sexy Ninja Warrior Women’s Costume. It features a stretchy black jumpsuit with red trim and ninja accents.

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Suit up for battleAlright, alright. So. You’ve got a big-time heist planned out. You’re going to break into your opponents’ dojo to take back the ancient sword that was stolen from your father’s office. And that’s great. But we do have one teeny, tiny, piece of advice. Don’t take on this mission in your street clothes!You’re a ninja, after all, and that means you need to be dressing like a ninja. Like ASAP! It just so happens that we’re all to happy to help you out in that department. That’s right, all you’ll need is one of our ninja costumes, and we’ve got just the one, ready for you. It’s this Women’s Sexy Ninja Warrior Costume. Think it’s up for the task?Product DetailsA fierce style, this ninja costume will show off that you’re a top warrior. It’s styled as a hooded jumpsuit, along with a belt and drape, a pair of arm ties, a single leg tie, and a mask. The one-piece jumpsuit secures with a zipper in the front. The belt secures by tying it in the back, and it has an attached drape that’s printed with a mysterious logo. Just tie the arm and leg bands as desired, loop the mask bands behind your ears, and flip up the hood. You’ll instantly be ready to hit the streets in stealth mode!the Fun is in the fantasyWe’re all about encouraging you to try a new gig for Halloween, and if you’ve never thought about giving the martial arts a try, maybe this is the year for you to branch out! This Women’s Sexy Ninja Warrior costume is a great choice, but fact is, we’ve got plenty of stylish selections that will really let you show off your unique style. Peruse our entire selection of ninja costumes to make your selection, and probably take a look at toy weapons and accessories, too, so you’re fully equipped!

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