Adult Plus Size Fish Costume


This Plus Size Fish Costume is an exclusive design that features quality materials for multiple wears. Available in 2X.

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Get ready to make a pretty big splash when you wear this costume! Say goodbye to a lifetime of swimming around in circles inside of a glass bowl and say hello to a tidal wave of new opportunities! We’re releasing you into the wild, that means you’ll have to swim upstream for awhile. That is both a metaphor for your life and your brand new reality. We have a couple of tips that might be helpful when embarking on your new life in the great outdoors. Tip 1: stay away from things that are shiny because they very well may be attached to hooks. Tip 2: Getting hooked can lead to grave consequences…like winding up as the main course on someone’s dinner plate. Tip 3: If you see a fish that’s bigger than you, don’t try to make friends. Just swim away as fast as you can. You’ll soon see that it’s both fun and challenging being a small fish in a big pond, just keep our tips in mind and you’ll get a long “swimmingly!” This fish costume for plus size adults is perfect for fish fans who want to feel what it’s like to have fins for a night. Fortunately, this comfortable costume is not made from sharp scales; it’s a soft zip up jumpsuit that will feel nice and warm on your skin since you’re really not cold-blooded like your fellow fishy friends. Gills are not included with this costume, but you do get a cozy headpiece that will sit snugly on top of your head. You’ll love feeling what it’s like to flounder around as a fishy for a night when you wear this one of a kind costume!

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